Premier League 2016: Manchester City tops the list

Premier League 2016: Manchester City tops the list
Premier League 2016: Manchester City tops the list

As Barclays Premier League approaches, Premier League 2016: Manchester City tops the list several teams have made their changes and moves in order to strengthen their lineup. Number of new management will also take place as excitement for the upcoming English league will rise. Here are some predicitions on what will transpire for the upcoming Premier League season.

Premier League 2016: Manchester City tops the list

  1. Manchester City- This team topped the list because they had the tools to win it all. Also, all heads are now clear after the departure of Manuel Pellegrini. Pep Guardiola will take over on the coaching post and he’s trying to duplicate to Etihad what he did to Bundesliga but it might depend on their player additions especially on defense and patrolling the center of the midfield. Nonetheless, the title will go to Etihad.
  2. Arsenal – The Granit Xhaka signing might be the difference for Arsenal, either missed a huge opportunity or ended hopes with high chances. However, they find themselves positioned on adding couple of additions and also they find themselves when it comes to stability against their rivals.
  3. Chelsea- Antonio Conte will direct the traffic for Chelsea who finished the season despite several toils. He may have to slug Manchester United for Roma’s combative midfielder Radja Nainggolan but Conte is confident on his revival for Chelsea.
  4. Manchester United- Jose Mourinho’s appointment as United’s manager surprised a lot of people. Especially now that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will potentially sign to the United to bring his star quality. However, there are doubts about the fit between Mourinho and Manchester United.
  5. Tottenham Hotspur- On the other hand, Tottenham are nicely positioned for another challenge next season. If they want to exercise those demons, they must orchestrate a flawless start despite coming up short and yielding amidst higher chances of winning. Some reinforcements are needed in the attack and this could result to a more frustrating campaign.
  6. Liverpool- Jurgen Klopp proved that the Liverpool squad could be an interesting prospect but there is also blister at both ends of the pitch. It will take a big signing after the other to erase the insight that they are short to become title contenders. Gonzalo Higuain, who has been linked, is the type of player who can propel them into top four.
  7. Leicester- The defending champions will have a new set of challenges for the next season. A repeat might be a tough stretch for them but a top seven finish will cement their place as the regular contenders for European spots.
  8. Southampton – The Saints can retain their best players but not the team manager Ronald Koeman, who will not leave. He has shown a crafty eye on the trade market and it would make the Saints worst competitive. However, he will be hoping for rather more.
  9. West Ham united- They will begin their brave future at the new Olympic Stadium. However it is unlikely to replace their former home Upton Park and its atmosphere especially the 60, 000 fans. One of the teams that had problems from moving to another stadium is Arsenal and the Hammers hope it will never happen to them. This might be the season of acclimatisation for them.

10. Stoke City- Stoke remains in the middle of the pack and they are able to lure big names but never took a consistency for a challenge in Europe. The job of team manager Mark Hughes is still safe, though, with their style of football generally pleasing, more signings including Giannelli Imbula could yet transform their prospects and chances to win.

Know you now that the Premier League 2016: Manchester City tops the list at the prediction list the Man City is the top.

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