Sic Bo Strategies and Progressive Betting Systems

Sic Bo Strategies and Progressive Betting Systems

Are you interested in playing the so-called Sic Bo online? If yes, then it is really important for you to be more familiar with the different Sic Bo Strategies and Progressive Betting Systems in winning the game! For you, information Sic Bo do have 3 dice which will roll in order to identify if you have the luck of the night or not through the bet you’ve place. Remember, this is all about on your wage.

The Steady Strategy

Sic Bo Strategies and Progressive Betting Systems

 Sic Bo Strategies and Progressive Betting Systems

Sic Bo Strategies and Progressive Betting Systems

Yes, you must choose from this two option, whether you’ll go on small betting or big betting. Though there are more bets which must be placed, you must be aware that small or even big bet can give you an edge.  For you to better understand it, this only means that the house advantage is known to be relatively low.  Thus, the probability for you to win  is about 48.6% (whether you go for a small or even big bet). On the other hand, the house edge is approximately 2.78%.

Small and big bets are considered as the closest into even chances for the Sic Bo game such as what red/black in roulette does. It makes everything perfect in using the progressive gambling system. If you want to use something against live dealer Sic Bo, then try to use 1-3-2-4 gambling system wherein 1-3-2-4 is representing the betting units  of 10 namely 10, 30, 20 and 40. Thus, if you are planning to bet for 100, the sequence would be 100, 200, 300 and so on. When you keep on winning your bets, you will keep on progressing with your winnings. When you won on all of the four stages, you will start again. If any instances you lose, then you need to go back to the start.

In1-3-2-4  you will win big as soon as your four  bets come up or if there are two bets which came you will win then though the third bet lose.

 When you 1st bet loses, then you will lose one unit.

When you 2nd bet, then you have to win 2 units

When you lose on your 3rd bet, then you could make a profit for 2 units

However, when the 4th bet loses, you need to have a profit for 2 units

This system will provide gamblers a steady and patient chance to win in Sic Bo. And due to big and small, it lets you bet on the Sic Bo table. That only means more chances of winning.

If you will better understand how these bets work and how their high probability can do to you than the other bets out there, most probably, you will win oftentimes on this game. You should know that there is more factor to consider in the game. Primarily, no matter what type of triple is an exception on your winning. Say, for instance, when you have 3 fives for the big, you cannot win the even game. Why? It is all because of the triplet bet that you could place which is offering an ideal amount of payout. But you can get rarely.

Remember, here in Sic Bo, you cannot simply win when the dice shows the win through different bet such as triple example. Because that is  a bet which you can never win it through playing Big. It is the same thing as when you waging for a triple and get  a setup which would have won  the very big bet.


In combination betting, this has low house edge no matter what two specific number.  Combination bet winning against odds is 6 to 1 as well as the payout is 5 to 1.

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