Useful Secret to Consider in Live Dealer Roulette

Useful Secret to Consider in Live Dealer Roulette

You may have encountered bunches of information about online casino games claiming they are the best tips to win in Live Dealer Roulette. But only few of them really reveal the useful secret to consider in Live Dealer Roulette. Some of them even tend to be misguiding information. To help you master the game, here are some important things to consider:

Useful Secret to Consider in Live Dealer Roulette

Useful Secret to Consider in Live Dealer Roulette
Useful Secret to Consider in Live Dealer Roulette
  • Pick the Right Variation of the Live Dealer Roulette

Out there, there are a massive number of live casinos that offers also massive number of live Roulette variations. However, not all of them are worth playing. There are few standard games instead. You may come across the variants like French, European, and American versions.

If you are confused with which one to choose, you better go with the European or French and avoid the American version. Choose either French or European, the one with “en prison” or “la partage” rules. These Roulette variations have lower house edge. The French version has the low house edge of 1.35% only.

  • Make Sure You Understand the Odds

The lack of understanding the odds can lead you to losing your money. Many players, especially the newbies tend to wager big amounts on the wrong bet. As a result, they only get small odd of winning even tend to lose many times.

Most of us know that the best betting type in Live Dealer Roulette is the single numbers. But, not many of us know how to play with the single number bet. Some unskilled players tend to place huge money on the single number. Although this betting type has the highest payout, placing a bet on one number is still a bad idea.

The chance of the ball hitting that specific number is indeed smaller compared to its possibility to hit more numbers. Therefore, what you need to do is to bet on more numbers. The rule is the more the numbers you bet, the higher the chances for you to win. So, instead of placing a bet on a single number only, you can split your bets to some different numbers. Try to divide the bets so it can cover as many columns, rows, and or number as possible.

  • Don’t Buy the Betting System

Never ever trust how the betting system works, no matter how convincing some Roulette experts may recommend it. This betting system will only work in the long run. What does it mean? It means that the betting system will only be helpful for you if you are ready to play with a massive bankroll. Besides, the betting system will only work if you are also ready to play the game in very long hours. Using the betting system in a short period of playing the game will never be useful.

The useful secret to consider in Live Dealer Roulette are all about how you can tell which one is the best variation, the best betting option, and the best playing strategy. In understanding some playing strategies, you should not blindly follow just any advises from any professional. Make sure the advises make sense to you.

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